Tuesday, July 18, 2017


According to Wikipedia: "The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is an American non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin with members from all 50 states. The largest national organization advocating for non-theists, FFRF promotes the separation of church and state and educates the public on matters relating to atheism, agnosticism, and nontheism."

My opinion as previously expressed, is that such zealous opposition to religion is itself religious.

In my opinion the freedom of theist, agnostic, atheist and nontheist to believe what they will is to be desired, and it is an evil thing to force a person against their will to confess a belief they do not hold.

But if the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ persuades a person to become His disciple then how much freedom should the atheist have in opposing that preaching?

Every freedom!!!

If a Christ-follower is tested and found unable to withstand opposition hell-bent on forcing their rejection of any revelation and reality that Jesus Christ was God Incarnate, that He suffered, died, was buried and rose again on the third day, and that He ascended to heaven all for the purpose of saving the sinner from firstly the power to sin, secondly the presence of sin, and thirdly the penalty for sin, then let them depart from the faith.

The atheist must have the freedom to test the faith of the disciple of Christ, I would have it no other way.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Merry-Go-Rounds wrote:
Would you dare to write a story for me? I'll choose the best one and use it for my own project. Come on, get working! 

There once was an adventurer called Merry-Go-Rounds who issued a literary challenge...

From a land far away the challenge was met. An obscure writer got working on an exposition that promised better things to come and soon had settings, themes, characters, plots and sub-plots weaving a tormented tapestry of rising action that revealed contests, collusions and cameraderie to rival them all - in both fact and fiction.

Drawing on his freeze-dried, shrink-wrapped, and vacuum-packed cache of memories the writer fashioned both an unlikely protagonist whose experience of difficult times resembled his own, and, paradoxically an antagonist who embodied all that was acceptable in the name of self-actualisation.

A passionate desire for freedom from the tyranny of injustice fuelled the writer's creative urge and gave his story the principle theme around which to unfold its main plot and its various subsidiaries. It took some time to paint a picture of a corrupt world caught up in serious conflict, chaos and confusion from which no escape was possible except by submission to "The Seer", - as he was called, but with great patience the writer skilfully described each character in turn as they contributed to the narrative and swelled the suspense.

Portraying the protagonist as misunderstood by family and friends, unbelieved by spouse, and obstructed and frustrated at every turn while striving to prevent "The Seer" from achieving complete control of the hearts and minds of the multitudes, the writer gave himself a base on which to build towards a climax that would decide the future of the world, or leave it hanging in the balance.

What if "The Seer" and his followers are right and only by submission to him will the problems of the world ever be resolved?

What if the protagonist suceeds in destroying the credibility of "The Seer" and proves his prophecies to be false? How will the characters and the rest of the world react and respond?

The writer was about to bring his story to its definitive denouement, its revolutionary resolution, its cosmic conclusion, - but as he hovered musingly over his computer keyboard, ponderously poised to complete his literary labours, suppressive stormtroopers burst into his suburban sanctuary and ...            

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Babylon is riding for a fall,
With all the cities of the nations in her thrall.
With all the cities of the nations,
Breeding blasphemous populations,
Babylon is riding for a fall.

Babylon is like her golden cup,
Filthiness of her fornications fill them up,
Filthiness of her fornications,
Along with her abominations,
Babylon is like her golden cup.

Babylon is sat on seven kings,
This completely foul confusing mess that she brings,
This completely foul confusing mess,
Is natural proof of wickedness,
Babylon is sat on seven kings.

Babylon is sworn to mystery,
False religion spawned by her occult harlotry,
False religion spawned by her occult,
Idolatry an exact result,
Babylon is sworn to mystery.

Babylon is drunken with the blood,
Of the saints and martyrs of Jesus found aflood,
Of the saints and martyrs of Jesus,
Prophets and all that are slain as thus,
Babylon is drunken with the blood.

Babylon is coming to the boil,
Her delicious living and commerce soon will spoil,
Her delicious living and commerce,
Are judged in heaven as most adverse,
Babylon is coming to the boil.

Babylon is burdening the beast,
Whose approaching hour of power will have this ceased,
Whose approaching hour of power will
Incorporate total overkill,
Babylon is burdening the beast.

Babylon is a great whore fallen,
From her Beast thence devoured and burnt as a burden,
From her Beast thence devoured and burnt,
By ten crowned horns double wrath she earnt,
Babylon is a great whore fallen!

Babylon is an habitation,
Of ruins where demons haunt obscene location,
Of ruins where demons haunt obscene,
Foul spirits and hateful birds unclean,
Babylon is an habitation.

Friday, June 24, 2016



Whose mark is in their foreheads or right hands?
Whose name?
Whose number?

Oh, it is the mark of the beast they have, its name, or its number.

Well, what does it mean?

It means the man of tyranny suffers his
When seven heads, ten horns, and ten crowns are
In its gematria matrix of
To host an encryption of biblical 
Spread across columns and rows of letters 
With sequences of numbers to affix

Herein is the sum
Of the natural wickedness of Man,
Metaphorically in prophecy 
Called the beast from the Sea,
Every tribe, tongue, and nation,
In calculation,
Will buy and sell
With a regulation mark that will scan,
Three highest priorities
"I, Myself, Me!"
Therein is the symbol of  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Sensing wicked versus virtuous again and again,
Crying right against wrong someone needs to explain.

Telling much the same story on page after page,
Aging war graves weep while insane battles rage.

Tyrants obsessing crave glory their own,

Dictators reigning with hearts made of stone,
Terror fomenting from Satan's mad throne,

Destiny reaping whatever is sown.


Complete Carnal Control
seven heads herald in prophecy,
Mounting both earthward-cast dragon and beast from the sea,
Presented in mathematically configured formation,
Beware every tribe, every people and nation.

Extreme Executive Enforcement ten horns herald in prophecy,
Cresting both earthward-cast dragon and beast from the sea,
Presented in mathematically configured formation,
Beware every tribe, every people and nation.

Total Temporal Tyranny ten crowns herald in prophecy,
Vesting sovereignty to each horn of the beast from the sea,
While the seven-crowned dragon in its regnant tally,

Supernaturally figures with three power-horns free .


The lion, bear, and leopard-like beast,
With its numerous heads and horns and crowns,
Rises up from the seething sea of humanity,
Its kingdoms arrayed in their ups and their downs.

The end times, antichrist, false prophet beast,
With its dragon-like speech, and lamb-like horns,
Rises up from the egotistical earth of vanity,
Clothed in conceits against which Scripture warns.

The image of the blasphemous beast is seen,
A killing voice for the man of tyranny's plan,
Like a biblical dream from a digital screen,
A living idol to the natural wickedness of man.


Babylon The Great,
Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.